Monday, November 19, 2007

Curious George

Have a Curious George fan? Why not knit him/her a felted yellow hat or a cheeky little monkey?

Suggested Books: Any Curious George book

Pattern suggestions:

(Thanks, Holly (Ravelry ID:hjdong) for this great idea!)
(Note: This photo was taken off the Amazon site and was knitted by K. Love.)


knitting elephant said...

The Cheeky Monkey toy from Fiona McTague's book would be great for this book, as well!

chelle said...

I DO I like that HAT!


It looks so awesome!

peachmelba said...

The Blue Kangaroo Books (Emma Chichester Clark) and a blue kangaroo. Crotchetroo has a crochet kangaroo pattern (etsy store or search on ravelry)