Monday, December 8, 2008

The Wombles

This is an old series and I think it was more popular in the UK. I stumbled across a pattern and thought I'd share it's location.

Suggested Book: Any Wombles book. They're old, but are still available used.Suggested Pattern:
Wombles (designer unknown - if you know, please contact me so I can add that info here.) (Free)

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sjanova said...

Didn't Alan Dart design the Wombles patterns? And I think he can't sell the patterns himself because the characters were/are copyrighted. Sigh. They're so cute. My DIL from NZ liked them when she was little. She has one of the books but any toy I make specifically for her seems to end up with my DGS, which is ok but not what I had in mind. (So I made her a shrug from Knitty last summer and she kept that one and wears it! **SMILE**)